Real Estate for the 21st Century

Real Estate for the 21st Century:

Keller Williams is in the process of achieving new heights with the mobile phone application Kelle. Kelle is your very own personal assistant that can help you access everything Keller Williams has to offer while you are on the go. One product associated with the Kelle application is known as KWCommand. So, what exactly is KWCommand?

KWCommand will allow you to do everything you need to do, thanks to the Lab’s process which is constantly creating and developing the next and best technology. The many features of the KWCommand include the Goal Manager, the Calendar Manager, Contact Manager, Design Manager, Listing Consult, Deal Manager, Campaign Manager, Referral Manager, Leverage Manager and SmartPlans.

One important tool of the KWCommand is the Goal Manager, also known as CGI. The Goal Manager is an important piece of your dashboard. It showcases all the goals and progress that you and your team have been making.

The Calendar Manager, as well as the Contact Manager, will help you organize and to perform at your highest productivity. The Calendar Manager is a combination of Office 365 and Google Calendar. In this application, you will work more efficiently and better organized. You will enjoy less stress during your day when this technology helps you to schedule appointments and manage your time. The Contact Manager is a great tool to keep all your contacts in one place and easily accessible whenever and wherever.

“Sketchhouse”, also known as The Design Manager will be your go-to place for exploring creative ways to develop and showcase your business to clients a prospects.

If you have difficulty providing data to your clients about your listing, the Listing Consult, or “Listing Presentation”, will be a great tool to show your client the latest market trends in order to value their home for the best possible price and a quick sale. The Listing Consult provides the agent with the best tools to create a time efficient and cost effective atmosphere.

When the agent wants to get down to business, The Deal Manager tool will be their best friend. The Deal Manager tracks and manages all offers, documents and communications with clients all in one place. A cool feature with the Kelle App is that Kelle and Command will do all the work; they will remove the tedious manual data entry task. As an agent, all you have to do is validate the information. This feature is in tune with the goal of the application, which is to allow the agent to focus on dollar-productive activities.

Campaign Manager, Referral Manager and Leverage Manager features are where you will be able to find the aids which help to create cost effective campaigns. They provide a place where agents can come together to earn their next listings and an environment where you can recruit new agents to your team.

The little blue book for a real estate agent will be the feature called SmartPlans. SmartPlans will automate your daily routine. SmartPlans will help agents with checklists, marketing, recruiting and so much more. SmartPlans will help make your life more streamline and simple. It makes a lot of sense!

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