A Happy Pet Is A Happy Life: Millennials Put Pets First When Buying A Home:

What is the first thing you might think about when looking for a home to purchase? Location, location, location! Yes, the neighborhood is important. But other factors are proximity to work, good restaurants and other conveniences that are close or even within walking distance of the home. And, of course the price and condition of the home are the difference a buyer making an offer or passing on the property. However, the new generation of home buyers has desires and needs in addition to the traditional ones. “Millennials”, for lack of a better name, are considering their pets when seeking a new home. Quality of schools and safety are typical concerns for families and their four-legged children are no exception. About 73 percent of Millennials own a pet. 89 percent of those who purchase homes have a pet. Pets are considered children and their safety, comfort and happiness is important to the new home buyer. So, what exactly are the needs of animals?

Outdoor space. Animals need to go outside. Many properties have yards and outdoor space around the house. For those that don’t, a convenient park or beach is vital. The dangers of predators are always a fear. Coyotes, mountain lions and even neighbor’s pets can prove to be a problem. Animals naturally age and become weak and fragile. A long flight of stairs could be an unnecessary hardship. Excessive noise, barking dogs left alone for the day, gardeners blowing leaves, garbage collectors, and unfamiliar people passing the property can all contribute to the quality of life for the pet.

Pampered pets require a higher level of personal care and attention. Access to luxury services is a necessity for the pet owner who will spare no expense when it comes to the care of their furry babies. Veterinarians, grooming salons, and pet supply stores that carry high end products are all taken into consideration when purchasing a home for their pets.

Security for animals is also a big worry for new home buyers. How close is the property to a busy street or freeway? Is the home in the countryside where wild animals and predators roam? Is there fencing around the property? Are there any dangers that may cause injury to the pets? When looking for properties it can be difficult to know what potential problems may be lurking around the corner. It is not until the new home owner lives in the neighborhood for a while that the true character of the area is revealed.

Millennial’s are choosing to purchase homes in lieu of renting because it is hard to find a rental where animals are allowed. Many landlords will not rent to tenants if they have an animal. Animals can be very destructive. Carpets need to be replaced; flooring, walls and doors may be damaged, requiring repairs after the tenant leaves. And, some people are allergic to animals. Subsequent tenants may suffer from the precious tenant’s pets. Most landlords believe it is not worth the risk to rent to pet owners. Millennial’s are presented with the problem of getting rid of their pet, or finding another solution. The solution is making a mortgage payment rather than paying rent to a homeowner with rules.

A happy pet is a happy life!

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/31/millennials-put-pets-first-when-buying-a-home.html
Photo Source: http://www.puppyeducation.net/taking-care/home-prep-puppy/

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